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Get Your Bathroom Cabinets and Storage Space Organized

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Get Your Bathroom Cabinets & Storage Space Organized

By: Julie Heijster, CPO

Julie Heijster

Life is busy and we often have to rush to get ready. Although your calendar might be cluttered, your bathroom does not have to be. With some organization tips and helpful storage products, your bathroom can actually help you get out the door faster with less stress.

Getting Started

There are a variety of bathroom storage options to declutter your space. When making a decision on the storage that is best for you and your family, consider what products you will store and what purposes these products serve. Create a staging area for sorting. A clear floor with good task lighting is a great option even if it is in an adjacent room. Counter space also works, as does a folding table.

• Combine and Categorize: Pre-label your staging area with the most common categories such as: hair, makeup, dental supplies, vitamins and medications, etc. Write the categories on large sticky notes and place them around the staging area. Remove all items from the bathroom cabinets, countertops, and drawers. Place the items in the pre-marked category locations as you go. Keep your sticky notes and marker handy in case you need to add a new category.

• Eliminate: With your items combined, it is time to edit and eliminate. Go through each category and toss, donate, or recycle items that you do not use, will never use or have expired.

• Measure: Write down the dimensions of each drawer, shelf, and cabinet before you begin your storage product search. Pay attention to the plumbing under the sink as you will have to design around it.

• Organize: No matter how small your bathroom, each category should have its own place. The key is to store the most commonly used items where they are the most easily accessible.

Top drawers work best for items used daily such as dental supplies, makeup, and facial régime products. In order to keep the drawers from getting cluttered, use a separate location in your home to store any back-up product (for example, an empty shelf in the linen closet).

• Dividers and trays: Drawer dividers and trays can be found online or at your local home organization store. If you are unable to find what you need in the bathroom department, venture over to the kitchen area. A silverware divider can be the perfect storage solution for a wide and shallow drawer.

Lower drawers are usually deeper and work well for containing bulky items like hair dyers or first aid kits. If you would like to store other, smaller items in these lower drawers, use various sizes of clear bins. Several small yet deep bins are best for bottom drawers because you want to avoid stacking. Clear bins of all sizes can also be found at your local home organization store.

I find that the most difficult area to organize in the bathroom is the area under the sink. Not only is there plumbing to work around, but there is also a lot of wasted space if storage products are used improperly. The best way to efficiently use the cabinet storage is to go vertical.

• Racks: An adjustable under sink storage rack like the one pictured is really helpful for items like mouthwash, soap, hairbrushes, or bathroom cleaning supplies.


Pedestal sinks
While the idea of pedestal sinks is nice, they are not ideal when it comes to storage. In order to keep your bathroom functional, use a wraparound rack like the one pictured. Decorative baskets can be used to keep the area tidy and to contain small items that would normally slip through the wires.


A common issue in the bathroom is towel storage. Instead of forcing bulky towels into a small cabinet, use a repurposed storage item to contain them.

• Window box: Simply paint it to match your bathroom and mount it securely to a wall. Find a window box like the one pictured at a home improvement store.


• Magazine rack: Mount a magazine rack to your bathroom wall and you immediately have the perfect towel rack. Now that your towel bar is available, it can be used to hold your hair straightener and other beauty supplies.


This weekend, roll up your sleeves and dive into reclaiming your bathroom space. Just imagine how much easier your mornings will be when everything you need is within reach and easy to find. The storage products are out there waiting to help you eliminate your bathroom chaos. Good luck and happy organizing.


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