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Get Crafty with Your Craft Room Organization

Keep Gadgets at Full Strength with the Converge USB Charging Station by Quirky

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Julie Heijster

Get Crafty with Your Craft Room Organization

 Designated craft rooms can be an area for creative expression and relaxation, until you have too much fun and end up with an organization project. However, if you are a true crafter, you like a project and will be motivated to create a workspace as beautiful as the things you make in it. There are ways to arrange a craft room to ensure that all of your materials have an organized and designated home, making projects more fun and efficient, and clean up time fly by! Here are some tips to keep your craft room at the ready when that next burst of creativity strikes.

Ensure Proper Workspace
Craft projects are always more fun when you can spread out your materials without losing your scissors under a pile of things. Determine how much space you desire for your actual workstation, then clear items from this area to be arranged and stored out of the way. At the end of each project, make sure all items are put away to reclaim this workspace for the next crafting endeavor

mag strip

Create Storage for All Items
Different types of storage will be necessary for the variety of materials and tools that end up in craft rooms. If you have the wall space, consider adding a peg wall, or utilize shelves, cubbies or cabinets to free up counter space. With a pegboard wall, you can use hooks to hang tools within reach, hang containers or little buckets to fill with small items, or hang a rod to hold your ribbon. Pegboards are versatile, can be rearranged easily, and can be painted to add more color to your space. With cabinets and shelves, you can use clear plastic containers to organize your materials into categories for different crafts, colors, etc. Don’t be afraid to get crafty! Use old tins or mason jars that you can tie labels to with different ribbons. You can also fix a magnetic strip on a wall in front of your workstation to add lighter metal tools as well as to secure images of inspiration for your projects.

Craft pails


peg board

For items you want in front of you as you work, consider purchasing clear plastic bins to keep tools in order, or containers with dividers for smaller pieces. For items of different colors or shapes, use a small lazy Susan so you can remain at your workstation and sift through your options quickly. A lazy Susan can also be great for creating more counter space: Use small buckets or jars to keep the items you want in front of you confined.

Prioritize Your Craft Storage
Chances are, if you have a craft room, you enjoy a number of different types of crafting. Your single room could have materials for multiple projects that are all entirely different. Consider the projects that you do most frequently and the materials needed for those. If there are items that you use once or twice a month, or less, store them farther from your workspace, in less centrally located cabinets or shelves.

Craft Cans

Last but Not Least, Tidy Up!
If you haven’t had a chance to begin or finish your decorating, hire a professional to complete the job. If you live in the Seattle area, Eliminate Chaos is available to help! Organizing Specialist™s will use your holiday décor to create a beautiful holiday wonderland in your home. Consider having the same team help take down decorations, pack and store them in an organized fashion after the holiday season.
If you aren’t interested in standing on a ladder outside in the cold, consider hiring a company to hang your outdoor lights and decorations. Love Christmas Lights is an online directory of Christmas light installation companies. They connect homeowners with local Christmas light installers in their city.

Happy Crafting!


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Topic: Eliminate Risk and Gain Rewards Using Technology: How Savvy Successful Small Businesses Operate
Date: Friday, April 15, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Venue: National Speakers Association - NW Chapter

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