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Organize Your Garage for Winter with  These Quick Tips 
Thanksgiving Appreciation – How You Can Benefit
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Organize Your Garage for Winter with These Quick Tips

By Julie Heijster
Sr. Organizing Specialist™



It’s time to face it; fall is upon us. The days are shorter, darker and colder. Let’s tackle that garage organizing project before it gets too cold and gloomy in there!

First things first.

Get those cardboard boxes out of there! I know it’s tempting to keep them around just in case, but chances are you’re keeping too many. Hold on to only those you have a specific use for, like, sending Aunt Louise her Christmas gift, and get rid of the rest. Of those boxes you keep, break them down and store them flat on a shelf, or, upright against a wall or behind a shelving unit.

On the floor?  Time to store.

This simple act makes a huge visual difference, not to mention cuts down on tripping hazards. Installing a wall based garden tool hanger is an excellent way to get items off of the floor, and can be used to hang a variety of items.

Group like items together on shelving, racks or in cabinets.

Consider using plastic bins to corral liquids together on shelves to help with any potential spills or leakage. Stackable containers with lids look nice and allow for additional storage per shelf.

Think creatively about the storage systems you currently have.

Could they be better utilized in another location? If you moved or eliminated shelves, would it accommodate your stuff better? Does it fit your current needs at all? Would another system work better in the space?

Remnants from home and garden projects have a way of creating a permanent home for themselves in the garage. Like the cardboard boxes, keep only those materials you know will be useful to you in the near future. Those old paint cans from three paint jobs ago don’t need to be taking up any of your precious garage space.

Create specific, easy to access spaces for garbage and recycling cans.

Taking the trash out is enough of a chore without having to walk all the way across the cold garage floor to do it. Items like strollers may also need to be accessed on a regular basis, so make sure they have premier placement as well.

Seasonal Swapping

Similar to swapping out last season’s clothing from your closets, your garage might benefit from a seasonal adjustment of its own. Items like camping gear, bikes and gardening tools most likely won’t be needed or wanted until spring rolls around again. Taking its place might be winter sports gear, snow shovels and snow boots. Give these winter items prime space in the garage and tuck those warm weather items up in the attic or on overhead storage racks and well out of your way. Make sure you create ample space for wet shoes, coats and umbrellas near the door if you don’t want them tracked into the house. Install a wall based hook rack or use an over the door model so items don’t end up on the ground.

The adjustments mentioned above can make a huge impact on the way your garage functions for you and your family. 

Happy organizing,

Below are some before and after pictures of a two car garage organizing project our Specialists at Eliminate Chaos completed recently. 


Before: In the left bay of this garage there wasn't enough room next to the door to the house for the garbage and recycle carts. The workbench was never used and became a catch-all for clutter. The Shop-Vac was mounted on the wall in the way of opening the garbage can and there wasn't enough room for shoes near the door.


After: The workbench was removed and donated because it was not being utilized. A New 36" Industrial Post unit with specific areas for: light bulbs, emergency supplies, hardware, tools, extension cords, extra bins and Costco supplies took its place. The garbage and recycling carts are now next to each other and right next to the door to the house for easy access. The Shop Vac was removed from the wall so garbage and recycling bins can open easily..


Before:In the right bay of the garage the ladder was on floor and the Rubbermaid tool bars needed to be reconfigured. The cabinets and bookshelf no longer served a purpose and were merely taking up space.  A stroller that was used daily had no home and was in the way of the car.


After: The existing industrial post shelving units were moved and re-purposed. Shelves were created specifically: yard, car, biking, paint, shoes, boots, Costco supplies and kid's gardening. Dog food is now easily accessible to the house and the stroller no longer blocks the cars.


Thanksgiving Appreciation – How You Can Benefit

We know the holidays are a busy time; not to mention that they can also be stressful and overwhelming.  We can help eliminate your holiday chaos by taking some projects off your plate – so you can concentrate on the fixings you will put on the plates!

Here’s a brief list of how we can help you between now and the end of 2014

  • Organize your kitchen and/or pantry so you can cook with ease – and smile when your guests comment on how organized your kitchen cabinets and drawers are!
  • Clean out and organize your guest room and/or closet – so your guests feel like they have just stepped into a beautiful hotel room.
  • Do you dream of the day when you can quickly create mailing labels for family and friends so that sending out holiday cards doesn't seem like so much work?
  • Would you like to park your car in the garage this winter so you don’t need to scrape windows or get drenched bringing in the groceries?
  • Are you thinking about a new computer purchase for the family?  Our IT Specialist can make the perfect recommendation for your needs.
  • Would you like to give the gift of memories to friends and family?  We can create digital photo books or children’s art books for you – they make a great gift for the person that has everything.
  • No time to deck those halls?  No problem!  We can help you with that as well – we can even organize all of your holiday décor when we take it down and put it away for next year.
  • Not sure what to get the loved one who has everything, but no place to put it?  Why not give them a gift certificate?

You can reach us at 425.670.2551 

Our wish for you is that your holidays are as stress-free as possible and that you enjoy the seasons that are ahead to come.


We’re in Real Simple Magazine!

Laura Leist was interviewed for the “Productivity Primer” in the November issue of Real Simple Magazine.  One of her tips can be found on page 170.  The rest of the article is to be published at a later date.


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Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving,




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  • Business Services
    • Paper Flow and Information Management
    • Workspace Organization and Space Planning
    • Productivity Assessments
    • Microsoft Business Contact Manager
    • Microsoft Exchange Migrations
  • Visit our business services site