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Photo Frenzy! Creative Ways to Use and Enjoy Your Photos
by Erin Greely, Sr. Organizing Specialist™   

Photos, photos, photos!! In this digital age, photos seem to accumulate as quickly as the flip of a switch…or the tap of a touch screen. Now that most of us carry a camera everywhere we go in the form of our smart phone, taking photos to document our lives and the amusing and beautiful things we come across daily is both wonderful and overwhelming at the same time. As Laura discussed in the September newsletter, keeping these memories and images that speak to us under control and organized is a huge leap in the right direction, but now let’s discuss how to actually use and enjoy them! Here are some creative ideas for displaying and sharing your photos with those around you.

  • Canvas prints. Turn photos into true works of art by having them printed on canvas. With the many daily deals online, printing companies that provide this service are popping up all over.  Laura has tested and likes Canvas on Demand.  I have used Picaboo.
  • Coffee table books. Similar to the canvas prints, it has become very easy to create a photo album online and have it printed and bound at a very affordable price with lovely results. These make wonderful, quick gifts for special occasions whether celebrating a friendship, special trip, new baby or work event.  Laura mentioned Shutterfly in the September newsletter that she has had success with.

    Photo Desk Surface Oct2013
  • Cover a work surface. Place photos neatly on a desk or table and cover with a custom cut piece of beveled glass or Plexiglas.  (iheartorganizing.blogspot.com) 
  • Holiday ornaments. Create personalized photo ornaments for holiday decorating printed on many different mediums and in various sizes and styles. Most major photo print companies, such as Shutterfly, have a few different photo ornament options.
  • Digital picture frames. This is one of my favorite ways to display photos. Just download photos onto a memory card, place card in the digital frame, turn on the power and viola…constant slideshow and way to view hundreds of photos!

    Photo Wall Mural Oct2013
  • Wall mural. Make a personal photo into a wallpaper mural. I’ve never done this, so cannot recommend a company, but a quick online search will provide you with a few company options.  (babble.com)
  • In-home gallery. Create a gallery in a hallway by placing uniform-sized photos in uniform frames coupled with white matting. Hang them square for a clean look and enjoy your stroll from one room to the next even more.
  • Looney-tooney fun.  Turn your favorite family photo into an illustration, cartoon, sketch or many of the other options with the app ToonCamera. Print it out and frame for a fun, personalized art piece.
  • Classic black and white. Cover a large wall in your home; for example a landing at the bottom or top of stairs with black and white photos, each placed in a different black frame with white mat.

    Photo Wall Collage Oct2013
  • Scrapbook wall. Create a scrapbook-like wall using different but complimentary frames. Go with various colors or textures. Frame photos, keepsakes and artwork using interesting mats, then group them on the wall with decorative words or letters from the alphabet. Consider going with a particular theme like favorite photos from your travels, a family activity or hobby, or all photos of specific things in nature like birds, flowers or sunsets. (hollymathisinteriors.com)
  • Print on textiles. Tote bags, pillows, blankets…you can print on just about any fabric. Transferring photos you love onto an item you use allows you to enjoy your pictures in a whole new way. If you sew, consider printing multiple photos onto white fabric in block sizes and create a block panel quilt.

    Photo Heart Oct2013
  • Collages. Arrange loose photos on the wall into a shape of a letter or design. Use a little removable tape or poster putty on each corner to keep the photos from curling on the edges. This is a great fit for children, teens and college students above their bed, desk or on the door of their bedroom. For a more grown up look, use the same concept, but place the collage on a backdrop like a canvas, chalkboard or metal display board.  (designaglow.com/blog)
  • Display Boards. This is a classic way to display photos with no fuss, accommodating spontaneous display changes. Cover a corkboard in a favorite fabric, wrap ribbon or twine around it in a cross-hatch pattern for some interest, place a few fabric staples in the back and you have a quick and easy photo and keepsake display piece. This is a great solution for displaying photo greeting cards you receive during the holidays.

    Give your photos inside that photo box or hard drive the opportunity to do what they were meant to do: fondly remind you of the simple, quirky and awe-inspiring moments they have captured throughout the years.


~ Erin Greely

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Indie Mats

Bare Walls Beware!...

This is the threat Indie Mats makes to empty walls everywhere.  You know the ones…those walls you have been

Indie Mats Oct2013

meaning to hang your family photos on for months and months.  Those walls that would have been covered by now if only you had the right frames, paired with the right mats…and the right hammer, tape measure, hardware for hanging…and not to mention the time…whew!

Hanging photos on the wall can take a lot of planning, time and effort when using the traditional

method. But, not with Indie Mats! These attractive mats are cheery in more ways than just the colors framing your family’s beautiful mugs, they are also cheery in how easy and convenient they are to use.

Simply choose from their many styles of individual mats or go with a set of mats with colors and designs that have been specially bundled to complement each other. Once they arrive on your doorstep, tape your photos in place, stick the adhesive on the back and place on the wall—Simple! And the adhesive comes cleanly off the wall so you can swap out what you are displaying in a snap. Simple, beautiful and done!


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Laura Leist

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  • Business Services
    • Paper Flow and Information Management
    • Workspace Organization and Space Planning
    • Productivity Assessments
    • Microsoft Business Contact Manager
    • Microsoft Exchange Migrations
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