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Cheryl Ford HS

10 Quick & Simple Things You Can Do to Start Organizing & Cleaning Out Your Garage

by Cheryl Ford, Sr. Organizing Specialist™ and Designer 

Our poor garages; they are overworked and underappreciated for all that they do and should do. Whether you choose to use your garage for parking cars or not, maybe it’s time to reclaim it without installing an expensive storage system or spending lots of precious time and energy building a DIY version. A series of small but simple steps spread over a few weekends, just might have the same result as having a two-day garage makeover marathon; and it will be much less stressful too. Here are some ideas worth trying.

1.   Put It On the Calendar So It Happens     

Schedule your available “garage time” on the calendar and honor the commitment you’ve made to yourself for this project. An early Saturday morning or late Sunday afternoon for three to four hours is a doable, but not an overwhelming slice of time to accomplish many steps.

2.   Supplies

Have some supplies on hand when you start; for example:  garbage bags, sticky notes, markers, and boxes for sorting. By planning ahead there is no excuse to stop mid-session and make a run to the store, which wastes time and slows down progress.

3.  Break Down Boxes

Collect and break down empty boxes and place them in a “recycle” area outside of the garage. Remember, boxes are free and you can always get more when needed. Keep only those for electronics until the warranty is set to expire; by placing a “destroy after date” on the box.

4. Paint Cleanup

Paint CansTransfer partially filled paint cans into smaller quart containers. Label with the room name, manufacturer, color name, number and date purchased. Be careful not to combine cans of the same color as they can be from different original mixes.

Use paint hardener for cans you need to toss but do not have time to dry out. You can also mix kitty litter into the paint to harden it.


5. Make a Dump Run     

Gather items destined for the dump, such as scraps of wood and tiles from past home improvement projects, non-repairable tools or furniture, cracked garden pots, cans of dried out paint and anything that won’t fit in your weekly garbage container.

6. Sell, Donate or Pass on to Others

Set aside items to be donated or passed on to family or friends and establish a deadline for pickup or delivery. Examples may be furniture that has been replaced by something newer, never used holiday décor, sports equipment and bicycles that the kids have out grown.

If you want to earn some cash and eliminate things at the same time, consider a garage sale. Fill boxes labeled as such. A garage sale can be a time-consuming project by itself, so check out our article “Garage Sales are Hard Work- Avoid Making These Top 5 Mistakes.” 

Consider Accessibility and Frequency of Use……..

7. Place Items Strategically

Place the most frequently used items in the most accessible areas of the garage. Store shoes and boots near the door for quick access as you come and go. Place garden tools near a door and the lawn and garden areas.

In general keep the things that you access most, of any particular category, on the eye level shelves.

While you may know where everything is, you don’t want there to be excuses for family members not to return items to their proper homes or be able to find what they need. Label bins, shelves and cupboards, with label tape or stickers you can write on.

8. Make Things Movable and Stackable 

Invest in rolling storage racks and adjustable shelving options. You never know when you‘ll need your garage space to be flexible or versatile.   If you have a freezer or refrigerator in the garage, install heavy–duty rolling casters to the bottom so that they can easily be moved out of the way if necessary.

Before going bin crazy at the store, make an educated guess at what types and quantities of items you’d like to contain. Limit the sizes and styles of containers purchased and look for ones that will stack and nest easily. Square boxes of holiday ornaments do not fit neatly into containers with rounded corners.

9. Keep Things High and Dry  

Bike HookSuspend a hammock above head height and store off season items like patio chair cushions, sports balls, or duffle bags of ski clothes.

Turn those high garage walls into a gallery for your seldom used extra dining chairs. Hang them upside down “shaker style” to keep them out of the way and dust free.

Use specialty hooks (for brooms, basketballs or bicycles) to get things up and off the floor.


10. Look Up Not Out

Don’t forget about the hidden nooks and crannies. Save the cost, hassle, and limited accessibility of storing seldom-used things (holiday décor, summertime fans etc.) in an oh-so-tempting off-site rental storage unit. If you have little or no attic space, why not build the equivalent in the lofty areas of your garage? There are many DIY plans available involving a limited investment of time and money.

Baby Steps

Simple steps might be all you need to create a more functional and organized garage for what works best for you. Whether it’s parking a car or card-table in the garage or having a space to let the kids’ burn off some energy; here are a few simple but poignant reminders to leave you with:

  • Neatly stored items take up less space
  • Time to store if it’s on the floor
  • When In doubt throw it out
~ Cheryl Ford

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Organize Your Home

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Rollin’, Rollin’ Rollin’……  

Industrial Post RackNo place to store your bulk purchases? Is your laundry room already doing double duty, or is the garage floor paying the price of you saving a few dollars?

TP, paper towels, sodas, and giant bottles of laundry detergent need a home, but not in the middle of your kitchen pantry or stuffed under the sink in an already tiny bathroom. 

Put your Costco “stuff” on a rack from Costco. This IP (industrial post) type of storage is extremely durable and the shelves are adjustable. If you buy the ones with casters, you can load them up and roll them out of the way whenever you need more room for a special project. How easy is that?


Need  "More Time for LIfe?"

Perhaps you'd rather not spend your precious weekends this summer organizing your garage?  We can quickly and painlessly organize your garage and help you dispose of items.  If you are game so are we!

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Laura + Specialist:  $1200 for a full day of garage organizing + a copy of Eliminate Chaos:  The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life.  (A $1740 value)

Remaining Availalble Day:  August 19, 2013

Two Eliminate Chaos Specialists:  $1000 for a full day of garage organizing + a copy of Eliminate Chaos:  The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life.  (A $1380 value)

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Fine Print:  A full day is 8 hours of hands-on organizing, dates are firm.

Give us a call at 425.670.2551, 509.392.7064 or 877.342.8592 to discuss your needs and see how we can put together a team to help.

Eliminate Chaos is Hiring

Eliminate Chaos is hiring Organizing Specialist™s. We are looking for Specialists in the Greater-Seattle area, as well as the Tri-Cities and Spokane, WA. If you are interested in applying, please click here for more information. No phone calls please.

Enjoy the Rest of Your Summer!
Laura Leist

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  • Business Services
    • Paper Flow and Information Management
    • Workspace Organization and Space Planning
    • Productivity Assessments
    • Microsoft Business Contact Manager
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