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Computer Backup - 15 Minutes Could Save a Lifetime of Data

By Robert Leist

Computer backups fall under the list of things we least understand as part of our computer. We all like to take chances and so the assumption is, "I have a new computer, what do I need a backup for?"

Here are a handful of reasons
1. Hard drives have moving parts and if you saw one in action you would worry...a lot.
2. More often than not, the loss of data is caused by accidental deletion to make space for something else.
3. You send in your PC to be repaired or worked on and they trash your data. This happens more than you can imagine.
4. You call a company for support on a program and they crash your computer trying to fix it. HP has been known to do this with HP printing software.
5. Your PC is stolen or lost.

I have taken the time and effort on behalf of our clients to stay on top of the backup strategies that are available for both PC's and servers.

Here is an executive summary of my recommendations

•     For 1 or 2 home or home office PC's I like MOZY as a solution because it is easy to install and affordable.  At just $4.95 a month or $54.45 a year, you get up to 30 GB of storage and they'll even throw in a month for free with purchase of a year.  Use the FREE version if you only want to back up a small number of files or your My Documents directory. Beware that the free version will only allow you to backup 2 GB of files.

•    I also like MOZY because it allows you to schedule the backup times and also allows for the "throttling" of the bandwidth used. This is handy if you have Vonage or a VOIP phone and do not want all your upstream bandwidth completely used. The user interface is powerful and a tray icon alerts you if you have missed backups.

•    Carbonite is a little less featured than MOZY but still has the ability to get the job done. Carbonite still allows you to select directories to be backed up and has a throttle feature like MOZY, but the options are much more limited compared to MOZY if you want a more granular backup based in file type rather than directory. Carbonite allows for unlimited data to be backed up so you have no limit other than your internet connection's ability to upload the data. Carbonite is less expensive than MOZY, and if click you on the link you can get 20% off. I paid $39.96 for the year. That is not even .10 cents a day.

You might wonder which one we use here at Eliminate Chaos. The answer is both. I use MOZY on my laptop for continuous backup of my data even when I am on the road and Carbonite on the server in conjunction with Symantec Backup Exec on the office PC's and servers. Carbonite's job is simply to get the information off site for us. Backup Exec does all the heavy lifting by consolidating the data in one place.

Both MOZY and Carbonite offer free trials of the software so if you are unsure, try them both but please do not try them at the same time.

So let’s review, you took 5 minutes reading this and 5 downloading the software and 5 setting it up! Ask yourself what losing all your email, personal photos, tax information and documents that can't be recreated is worth? You know your life will turn upside down if your PC crashes so please, eliminate some of your backup chaos and get it backed up. If you need help, we are also here to assist you. We can remote into any system and set up a backup system for you.

Introducing...Robert Leist - IT Strategist

One of the little known services that Eliminate Chaos provides is business organizing of a computing nature. Robert originally was hired by Eliminate Chaos to take our computing needs to the next level and to design a system that allows for seamless customer service and communication for all the employees. That was almost 4 years ago and I am happy to report that we have an amazing system in place.  I know what you're thinking... "costs more than I could afford."  The truth is, our systems are not 'custom.'  All of our systems are comprised of standard software on standard hardware. We do not believe in creating systems that require a lot of care and feeding. After all, you want to get the return on investment through being efficient and productive using these systems.

Here's a short list of the computer services we provide to help you get and stay organized

  • Assisting you with PDA selection and setup
  • Migrating your e-mail to a system that supports collaboration
  • Web services including assistance in set-up and design
  • Anti-SPAM systems using Google Postini
  • Disaster planning and recovery
  • Wireless network security and set-up

We work with individuals one-on-one as well as companies with thousands of employees. If you need some chaos eliminated in your computing world, give us a call.  You might be surprised how quickly we can eliminate your frustrations and make you more productive at the same time.

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The Fine Print All home office services are performed by our Employee Organizing Specialist™s, but do not include the services of Laura Leist.

Best Regards - and Happy Organizing

Laura Leist

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    • Paper Flow and Information Management
    • Workspace Organization and Space Planning
    • Productivity Assessments
    • Microsoft Business Contact Manager
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  • Business Services
    • Paper Flow and Information Management
    • Workspace Organization and Space Planning
    • Productivity Assessments
    • Microsoft Business Contact Manager
    • Microsoft Exchange Migrations
  • Visit our business services site