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  • Holiday Organizing Special
  • Product Sale - FREE Eliminate Chaos Journal Book
  • New Class Offered:  Organizing & Customizing with Microsoft Outlook
  • IKEA Seminars:  Schedule for 2006-2007
  • Product Review:  Power Sort box by Creative Memories
  • Give the Gift of Organization

Feature Article:  Someday is Here!

Have you ever said to yourself... "I'll get organized someday."  Has "someday" come?  I think for many people in the Seattle area (where I'm from - for those subscribed to this newsletter that are from other parts of the country) "someday" came this week! 

For many, people got stuck in their homes, faced with the unthinkable....what to do with all of that stuff before the holiday guests arrive?  With the holidays just around the corner and decorating to be done - it was a good opportunity for many to take the plunge and do what they've procrastinated on all year.  Congratulations if you were one of the many that decided to use your time at home to make some changes!

What's on your list?  What are your projects that you never seem to have time for?  What would make you feel so good if you could just cross it off your list?  We all have different priorities of how we choose to spend our time. 

Believe it or not, even I have projects that I'd like to get to "someday" and if I don't make the time for them on a regular basis, they can start to pile up!  I spent some of my extra time in my office cleaning out files - in the drawers, in my email and on the computer - getting a head start for next year.  Not being able to work with clients, I was able to spend extra time in the office doing all of those "little" things that take 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there, but those 5 minutes can turn into 5 hours quickly! 

A great project for you or your family on days when you can not leave your home is to go through some of your memorabilia.  Memorabilia comes in many forms:  pictures (print and digital), slides, letters, children's school work and artwork, family videos and the list goes on.  What type of memorabilia do you need to organize? 

People ask me all of the time:  How should I organize my photos?  Here's a few things you may want to consider when getting started:

1.  Boxes, Albums or Scrapbooks?  Decide what your preferred method of organization is.  Maybe you will combine a couple of methods.  Not everyone has time to, nor wants to scrapbook.  Some, don't even have time for albums.  Choose not to accept the guilt! 

2.  Gather up your photos - so you have them in one location before you begin.

3.  Family Member, Event, Year - Decide how you want to organize them so you can share them in the future with others.

4.  Duplicates?  Set them aside into stacks for friends and family to take what they want.

5.  Eliminate those photos that you wouldn't want anyone to see, or those photos you just don't love.

6.  Label.  At a minimum, put a label on the outside envelope with the date and/or event.  You can write on each picture later - should you choose to do so.

7.  Make sure the products that you will store your photos in are acid and lignin free - whether they are photo boxes or photo albums.  You can also wrap your photos in acid-free tissue paper to help protect them.

8.  It can be hard to stay focused while you are organizing memorabilia.  If you find that to be true for you, you could give yourself a set amount of time to sort through so many envelopes of photos.

9.  Enjoy! 

Organizing your pictures can be time consuming but so rewarding when you're done.  It's also a great gift that you can some day pass one to your loved ones.  If you're looking for the perfect gift to give someone this time of year - you may already have it.

One of the best gifts I've found is to give someone a beautiful album of photos from a special event - you can do this with your printed photos or the digital ones.  It is surely a gift that will be treasured.

And if you don't have the time this year...well, there is always next year when "someday" comes! 

Happy Holidays!

November Contest Winner...

During the month of November, we sponsored a contest to win a 1/2 day organizing session with Laura.  For each organizing session completed, the client's name was placed in the drawing. 

The lucky winner is "Paul" - who will now be enjoying a complimentary 1/2 day session - a value of $600!

Holiday Organizing Special

Does the thought of the holidays overwhelm you?  Do you wonder how you will get it all done? Let an Eliminate Chaos Organizing Specialist™ help you prepare for the holidays. 

A partial list of ways we help Eliminate Holiday Chaos

  • Decorate your home or office
  • Take down the decor and organize for next year
  • Shop, Run Errands and Wrap Gifts
  • Party Prep

Holiday Organizing Rates

1/2 day - $250
Full Day - $450

These reduced rates apply only to Holiday Organizing Services that are listed above.

Hurry - days are filling up fast!  Call our office today at 425.670.2551 to reserve your time.

Product Sale:  FREE Journal Book


Receive a FREE Journal Book with your purchase of one of the following:

  • Eliminate Chaos...The 10 Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life
  • Organizing & Customizing with Microsoft Outlook 2003
  • Captio AppliCase
  • Captio CollegeCase

The Journal Book makes a great gift for you to keep track of you holiday "to-do's."  It also makes a great stocking stuffer!  A $7.00 value.

Click here to shop! 

Organizing & Customizing With Microsoft Outlook 2003 - January 30, 2007

How much time and money does your company waste because information you need is not at your fingertips or organized in a way that is easily retrievable?  Stop wasting time and money and learn how to use Microsoft Outlook as a tool to help you manage your time and information.  Learn simple tips that you can implement immediately that you will wish you'd known years ago! 

Your Investment of $247 Includes

6 hours of classroom instruction - taught by Laura

Laura's 130+ page Organizing & Customizing with Microsoft Outlook 2003 book ($29.95 value)

Lunch & Coffee Service


Additional classroom assistance from Eliminate Chaos Organizing Specialist™ - Margaret Quinn

Click here to register today.  Class is limited to 15 participants.

Click here to download a copy of the class flyer.

Register before 12/31/06 and pay just $197!

IKEA Seminars - Seattle Schedule for 2006-2007

January 20, 2007 - Eliminate Chaos®...The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life

February 17, 2007 - Eliminate Chaos®...In Your Closet

April 14, 2007 - Eliminate Chaos®...In Your Garage

May 26, 2007 - Eliminate Chaos®...In Your Kitchen

Click here to access our complete Seminar & Class schedule  

Product Review: Power Sort Box by Creative Memories

The Power Sort Box helps you organize your photos. Sort by theme, year, friend or family member – it’s your choice! Power Sort is the solution to years of scattered family memories. It allows you to get them organized, so that eventually you can share them all safely in an album.


Includes:  Power Sort box with cover, 12 compartments, 12 dividers and instruction book



  • Photo-safe
  • Holds up to 2,400 5X7 photos
  • Removable compartments and dividers
  • Detachable cover and base
  • Pocket on the inside cover for larger photos

Give the Gift of Organization

Not sure what to give that loved one?  Don't want to give them any more "stuff" they may not need or want?  Gift Certificates make a great gift for the holidays - enable those you love to take control of their time, their space and their stuff.  Contact our office for pricing. 425.670.2551



Best Regards - and Happy Organizing,




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