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 5 Quick Tips to Better Manage Your Time Using Microsoft Outlook

February is "Time Management" month - and who couldn't use more time?  Whether you are using Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007, the concepts behind these tips will work with both versions of the software.

Try these tips at the office or at home to help you save time each day - a few minutes here and there all add up.

1.  Make a Decision.  Inbox clutter is no different than the clutter on your desk or in your office.  Lack of decisions about what to do with the email in your inbox increases the volume of email you look at each day.  Instead of using your inbox as the one location to store all email, think of it as the place to store email that still requires "action."  Just as you would not leave mail in a physical inbox that needed to be shred, recycled, filed or forwarded on; practice the same habits with the email inbox.  If you can quickly make a decision to delete or forward on to someone; do so.  If it requires no action on your behalf, but you need to keep the information, file it in an email folder.  If it requires "action" - be sure you are planning enough time in your day/week to complete the action items. 

2.  Flag a Contact for Follow Up. When you need to follow up with someone, rather than create a "task" for this action, use the follow up flag on the contact to set a follow up date.  Use the "notes" section of the contact to make a note about why you are following up and any relevant information from your conversations.  A reminder will be displayed for this action in the reminder box so you don't forget.

3.  Color Your Calendar.  When scheduling an appointment, use the "Show Time As" field to show whether your appointment is "Out of the Office," "Busy," "Tentative," or "Free."  Others that have access to your calendar or wish to schedule a meeting with you - will be thankful to know if you are really in the office or out of the office.  Another benefit is that if you are using Windows Mobile on your PDA, you can view your calendar by the week and see your times that you are in the office vs. out of the office, just by looking a the colors.

4.  Write it Down. So much to do and so little time....how do you track everything you want to get done now and in the future?  The "Tasks" component of Outlook is perfect for tracking those "to-do" that you don't want to escape you.  The Task List may not be the perfect solution for every little task, and we certainly don't want it to become a data-entry exercise just so you can cross things off your list.  Instead, set some guidelines for yourself.  If the activity is going to take longer than 20-30 minutes or is not a task that needs to be completed now, create a task for it so you can come back to it later.  The Task List is the perfect tool for logging "future" projects or goals that you don't want to forget about, but need to get out of your head.  Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of "to-dos" on your task list.  No one wins a prize for the shortest list.  Rather, use it as your tool to empty your brain, manage and priorities your activities.  Using the "Categories" field and creating custom categories for your tasks will help you view your tasks by project, by person, goals, ideas and so much more - since you can customize your own master category list.

5.  Take Note.  The "Notes" component of Outlook is one of the most underutilized areas.  Think of it as "sticky notes" for your computer that you currently have plastered around the perimeter of your monitor.  Notes are great for writing down ideas, shopping lists, measurements for things to purchase, books you want to read and so much more.  It's especially useful if you synch Outlook to Windows Mobile so you have this information at your finger tips when you are out.

Want more great tips and helpful step-by-step time-saving organizing ideas?  Organizing & Customizing with Microsoft Outlook 2003 is just the book you are looking for.  This 130+ page book is filled with practical tips to organize and customize Outlook for the way you work.

© 2008 Eliminate Chaos, LLC


 Shelf Conversions by Eliminate Chaos

Imagine....all of the contents of your kitchen cabinets within easy reach!

If you want finger tip access to items in your kitchen read on -

We now have the unique ability to combine organizing with a great product designed to make your shelves work for you. We can even add to existing cabinets because each shelf is custom measured for a precise fit and maximized space. It also means building a storage solution that fits your needs. alt

Our custom Glide-Out™ Shelving System is built to the exact specifications of your cabinets and is made from earth-friendly 1/2" Baltic Birch, a high-grade cabinetry plywood. Shelf bottoms are finished with furniture quality white melamine for ease of cleaning and maintenance, full extension tracks and feature fingertip closing for even the heaviest items.

Since each project is unique to you, we can accommodate many special needs or requests, such as working around pipes or blind corners. We can provide solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and garages too.

Best of all - we will provide you with a FREE estimate.

As a valued newsletter subscriber we are offering you the same special we are offering at the Seattle Home Show - purchase any 5 Glide-Outs for just $895.  Free Glide-Out design appointment must be scheduled by 2.24.08 and must take place prior to 4.15.08.

Call us at 425.670.2551 to set up an appointment for one of our specialists to create the perfect system that fits your lifestyle and storage needs. Visit us at: www.shelfconversions-seattle.com


Home Office Special - Now through 3.31.08

If you've been thinking about getting your Home Office organized, there is no time better than now!

In honor of "Archive Your Files Month" in February and "Organize Your Home Office Day" in March we are offering a special.  Interested?  Here are the details...


Save $300 (a 25% discount) when you purchase (3) half-day hands-on organizing sessions. 

Special is for Home Offices only and must be paid in advance.  All sessions are to be completed by 3.31.08.  Special offer is valid for any of our Organizing Specialist™s, with the exception of Laura.

Hurry and call our office today at 425.670.2551 - there won't be another offer like this for a long time.


Seattle Home Show:  February 16 - 24, 2008

Come visit us in Booth #526  at the Seattle Home Show.

Our new Shelf Conversions product line will be on display.  Come see how we can convert the insides of your kitchen, bath, home office and even your garage cabinets for easier access.

You will also have an opportunity to ask your organizing questions to our team of Organizing and Design Specialists that will be on hand each day during the show. 

We look forward to seeing you there.


 FREE Product For You! - Write a Book Review on Amazon

Would you like to earn a FREE Busy Body Calendar or a FREE Eliminate Chaos Journal Book?

Here's How:  If you've read my book Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life, I'd appreciate it if you'd write a review and post it on Amazon.  I am excited to say this while this book has been out for nearly two years, it is still a best-seller in the organizing category and consistently ranks in the top 5-10 organizing books - sometimes even ranking better than Martha Stewart's book!  So many people have told me how much they've loved this book and that it was the first and only organizing book that really helped them understand a process that would work for them.  Everyone seems to love the pictures and find them very valuable and helpful in the process.

If you've enjoyed the book I'd love to hear from you and help keep my 5-star rating under the 2,000 - 3,000 in the sales ranking I've been at for nearly 3 months!

Simply write your review, post it to Amazon and then email me with a link to your post.  Let me know if you'd like me to send you one of our Journal Books or one of our Busy Body 2008 calendars featured in this newsletter.

Thank you in advance for your help!  And thank you to all of you who have purchased this book and made it a success and a dream come true for me.


 Organizing Products - A great way to start the new year organized

BusyBodyBooks - The Weekly Grid 2008 Calendar - ON SALE for just $10.95!

Busy Mom's NEED their NEW 2008 planner NOW!  This is a great time management tool for those that prefer paper over an electronic calendar.

The Weekly Grid - 2008 Calendar helps you eliminate stress, save time and simplify life.

Between the beautiful covers, you will find everything a busy mom needs to coordinate up to 5 family members:
1. A planning calendar to record birthdays and anniversaries
2. Another calendar for next year's appointments
3. Months at a glance - for a quick overview
4. Handy, perforated shopping lists
5. Two inside pockets
6. A Bookmark
7. Contact Pages
8. Lots of Notes Pages
9. Film Laminated Covers alt

This calendar is very versatile and helps with the following:
1. Moms can coordinate individual family members, meal plans, babysitter schedules and more!
2. Students can stay on top of their school subjects, responsibilities and activities.
3. Professional can use it at work to track projects, clients and meetings.

Size: 7 x 10
Binding: Silver Metal Spiral

Price: $10.95 Purchase here

This product has been featured in Redbook, Parenting, Woman's Work and Woman's Day - just to name a few!

7-Column Magnetic Grid Pad

The Un-dated, 7 Column Weekly Grid Pad has 52 undated weekly pages for the larger family and lots of space to list all of your To Do's.
It's magnetic, so you can place it on your Fridge, or hang on the wall.


Moms can coordinate individual family members, meal plans, babysitter schedules, holiday planning home project planning and more!

Students stay on top of their school projects, responsibilities and activities.

Professionals can track progress of work projects, clients and meetings.

How will you use your 7 Column Grid Pad?

Size - 11" x 8.5 "

Price: $11.95 Purchase here


Speaking Schedule - Will I be Visiting Your City?

If your organization is in need of a speaker for one of your meetings - please contact us to see how I can create a program for your organization.  I will be in the following areas in 2008:

Seattle Home Show:  February 17th  12:30 - 1:30pm  "Eliminate Chaos...In Your Home & Life"

Chicago:  March 13

Reno:  April 8-12

Portland:  April 25

New York:  June 2

New York:  August 4-8

Maui:  October 5-12


 IKEA 2008  Seattle Seminar Schedule

March 22, 2008:  Eliminate Chaos...In Your Kitchen

April 19, 2008:  Eliminate Chaos...In Your Garage

July 19, 2008:  Eliminate Back-to-School Chaos

Click here for seminar times and locations.


Give the Gift of Organization  

Not sure what to give that loved one?  Don't want to give them any more "stuff" they may not need or want?  Gift Certificates make a great gift - enable those you love to take control of their time, their space and their stuff.  Contact our office for pricing. 425.670.2551


 Best Regards - and Happy Organizing,



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    © 2008 Eliminate Chaos, LLC    


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new client special smA great way to try us out and get some organizing done at the same time! For a limited time, we are offering an amazing NEW client organizing special. If you are not an existing client this is a great way for us show you how we can eliminate your chaos.

Call 425-670-2551 and ask us for details.

  • Business Services
    • Paper Flow and Information Management
    • Workspace Organization and Space Planning
    • Productivity Assessments
    • Microsoft Business Contact Manager
    • Microsoft Exchange Migrations
  • Visit our business services site